Hopeful Parents and Potty Training

A few times a year, I write a guest post on Hopeful Parents, a blog space where parents of special needs children share their stories.  This month's post I write about birthdays, toilets and celebration!  In the Hunter home, we celebrate the basic functions in life.  ;)  Below is an excerpt.  To read the entire post, click here:  Birthdays, Toilets and Celebration.

In the past, with each passing of another year, I would suffer a little more imagining what my son, Ian's life would be like if he never got out of diapers.  How will he be treated as an adult?  Will he be treated with compassion and respect?

These were old thought patterns that created tremendous stress and emotional pain.

I began turning those patterns around three years ago through The Work of Byron Katie.  As my experience with The Work continued, I built more and more evidence that if I changed my inner mind, the external world followed.  It may sound crazy and counter intuitive but I promise you it works.  But don’t take my word for it.  I invite you to test it for yourself.

Here’s one example of a big shift that starting in my mind and now shows up in the external world.

Up until about eight months ago I didn’t know if Ian would ever be out of diapers.

Then one day, I made the decision to start believing he would be potty-trained by Christmas.

The original thought “Ian will never be potty trained” created great stress.  The new and improved thought, “Ian will be potty trained by Christmas” felt like freedom.  I couldn’t know for sure if either thought was true so why not believe the more peaceful, freeing thought?  Made sense to me.

It didn’t matter that I had no clue how it would happen.

I just trusted that it would. (to continue reading the entire article, click here.)

Thanks for stopping by.  And I'll be sure to update on the blog after the New Year with news on Ian's progress.  :)