Healing From Within, The Mind-Body Connection

Clients often ask me about my own journey with mind-body healing and whether I still experience pain.  So when Mind-Body Coach Abigail Steidley invited me to write a guest post on The Healthy Life Coach site, I wrote a post titled, Healing From Within, My Path To Freedom where I share my personal story of discovering the power of mind-body healing. Many of my clients experience varying levels of pain ranging from overwhelming fear and anxiety to chronic pelvic pain.  Through their own work and exploration, they gain an awareness and understanding to access the wisdom of their bodies.  With this awareness comes freedom.

Here's the bottom line.  Your truth lives within you waiting for discovery. No one else has the answer for what is right or wrong for you, only you know your own truth and your body is there to guide you every step of the way.  When you reconnect with the wisdom of your body, you find your truth.  And you'll know it because truth feels like freedom.

I now live my life in a state of awareness and I'm constantly asking my body for my answers.  I'm a living example of how powerful the mind-body connection can be and I love to help others step into their power and lead their life from a place of peace.

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With love and healing,

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