A Community of Support

I recently discovered a wonderful website, Hopeful Parents. Christina Shaver started this grassroots community where parents who understand what it's like to raise a child with special needs can connect, share stories, and provide support for each other.  She's a mother herself of two children, one with a host of special needs and her passion and commitment anchors the feeling of hope throughout the site.

Here is her vision as written on the website.

"If every parent of a child with special needs were to join Hopeful Parents, imagine, for a moment, what we could do. Imagine banding together as a whole, collective voice to advocate for our children. Imagine a united assembly, strong in numbers, able to encourage more thoughtful leadership and policies so that we can better help ourselves, each other, our children, our communities, our nation and our world."

Sign me up!

Every day, you'll find two new posts written by Hopeful Parents. I recently joined the writing team and contribute on the 30th of each month. Here are my first two posts. Driving Off A Cliff October 30th and Do You Make Time For Yourself? September 30th.

There is also a forum discussion area for all members to share and connect. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, head on over and see if it feels like a good place to spend a few moments connecting with other Hopeful Parents.  Their site is - www.hopefulparents.org.  Of course, Please feel free to share this with anyone you think may be interested in joining the Hopeful Parents community.

With love and hope,