I Believe in You. Never Give Up.

If you found the past year to be an ass kicker and at times you lost your bearings, this video is for you. This is the story of a 47 year old man, who for 15 years had given up on living a vibrant life. He cried for help and was told repeatedly by doctors he would never walk unassisted and he believed them until the day when one person saw the possibilities and believed in him.

Belief and possibility were born. The portal of awareness opened and he courageously took the step through to the other side.

I was struck by his unwavering determination and his willingness to take a step, fall, get up, and immediately take another step.

And he didn't do it alone. His yoga teacher provided the scaffolding and he did the work. Step by step he found himself inside the layers of pain.

The side-by-side photos at the end say it all. His image on the right radiates right through the screen.  He found his way home.

We all have experiences and circumstances that stop us in our tracks and for some, hold us captive in our own inner prison for long periods of time. I've been there. It can get very dark.

What I've learned by asking for help and taking step after step is that you are never alone. You always belong and when you feel lost and like you've gone off the rails, never give up. Help is waiting for you to ask.

I share this video with you because it inspires me to never give up, to believe, to ask for help, to show up and be seen, to take the next step and be willing to fall and get up again.  It is in these moments of honest expression of self where we connect and see each other.  And for me, this feels like home.

I see you.

I believe in you.