My Post on Hopeful Parents - Autism Awareness AND Acceptance

I write a monthly blog post for Hopeful Parents. Their website is dedicated to supporting families of special needs children. This month's post I wrote about the meaning of the word autism in our world today and I ask, what does autism mean to you? Here's an except from my March 31st post. Please click here to read the entire post.

With statistics like 1 in 70 boys diagnosed with autism, if you don’t have a child with an autism diagnosis you likely know someone who does and have created a meaning for the word in your mind.

I invite you to sit for a moment and open up your awareness to what words, what feelings, what images come up for you when you think of the word autism.

Are they words and images that bring up feelings associated with fear, pain, suffering, anger, or guilt?

Have you noticed that as a society, we’ve been programmed to respond in fear and despair when a child is diagnosed with autism? I’m not saying those feelings are invalid in any way or that our children are not suffering. What I want you to consider is how you respond to the meaning behind a word.

With the start of Autism Awareness Month tomorrow I want to bring more awareness to the way we as a society think about autism and the feelings associated with the word. I want to invite more acceptance and understanding for our children and families living with the diagnosis every day. (Click here to read the entire post)

Here's to a month filled with more awareness AND acceptance.

Please post a comment on the blog if you'd like to share what the word autism means to you.