The Process of Waking Up

Healing teethWhat does dental work under anesthesia and awakening to your truth in life have in common? My son showed me last week just how much. Last Tuesday morning at 9:15am I held Ian in my arms as the anesthesiologist put the mask over his mouth.  The gas knocked him out in seconds.  BAM he was OUT!  The dentist then went fast to work to deep clean and fill four cavities that had been causing pain.  Ian was grinding his teeth non-stop for a week.  The whole procedure took 90 minutes.  Ian never felt a thing because his body was drunk on medication to block out all conscious awareness.

What’s Your Drug of Choice?

How many times have you gone for your “drug” of choice (food, drink, TV, Internet, Facebook, sleep, etc) to numb out and disconnect from what’s causing you pain and suffering?  Show compassion for that part of you that needs relief from the pain in that moment.

The doctor warned my husband and me that Ian’s reentry to consciousness might be uncomfortable for him.  As soon as the doctor felt Ian was breathing safely on his own, he picked him up and placed him in my lap.  With each breath Ian became more and more awake.  He wasn’t very pleased with what that felt like.  All my attempts to sooth him failed.  Time and patience were required for the gas to leave his body completely.

Time to Wake Up

Once you start to wake up to your truth and what’s alive in you there’s no going around it and no going under it.  It’s the time to go through it.  Others may try to help, but in reality, no one else can do it for you.  Only you know the way by trusting your body.  It never lies.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and awkward and feels strange, but on the other side awaits peace and love.  So you move forward one step at a time.

The doctor sent us on our way when all vital signs reached a point he deemed safe.  I guided Ian’s unsteady body to the car and we headed home.  Within ten minutes Ian fell asleep and remained asleep for the next hour.

I woke him to go inside where he promptly fell into a deep sleep for SIX MORE HOURS! In the last hour I sat across the room watching him breath deeply and peacefully.  His body was releasing and cleaning out the chemicals with every breath.  His body knew exactly what to do – rest.

A Time to Rest and a Time to Play

Rest plays an essential role when you release and drop painful stories that are filled with conditional love.  Rest supports the building of new neural pathways.  When your mind goes through a deep exhale to release stressful, painful thoughts listen when you body asks to rest.  It knows exactly how much you need. Apparently, Ian’s body needed six.

Then, at 6:15pm Ian woke up.   He looked over at me with a twinkle in his eyes.  He sat up, stretched, smiled and walked straight to me.  My arms reached out to invite a hug and he welcomed a big one.  He wanted to play and for the next hour, that we did with joy and abandon.

What a great way to wake up to the world, cleared of the chemicals, rested and ready to play.

He showed me just how important it is to listen when the body says to rest and have compassion for myself when my mind is in a state of deep letting go whether it be from toxins in my body or toxins in the form of thought.

When was the last time you listened when your body asked to rest? If you’re in a stage of transition, check in with your body and see what happens if you allow yourself the time it wants for rest.  You just may wake to find all kinds of wonderfulness on the other side and feel renewed and ready for play.

For a little fun, here's a link for a video on YouTube of a little boy who just finished some dental work David After Dentist.

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