The Time of Transition

If your last year was anything like mine, you may feel like you moved through some BIG transitions. Or you may be there right now feeling a bit stuck, confused and tired and like you want to crawl under the covers and stay there for a long time. I get that. I've been there.

At times, all I did was breathe in and out. My body let me know when I needed to slow down to listen and connect with my heart and soul. When I didn't listen, when I sped on, I lost traction and launched right off the track into the gravel. A few times it felt like I plowed straight into the concrete barrier wall. That was a sure way to get me to stop.

Sometimes the message needs to get loud to get your attention. What is your body saying to you?

Now I see that every breath, every veering off the track, each moment of confusion played an essential role in my personal integration.

It's all feedback.

When I slowed down and invited space in to all my relationships, I moved into the time of transition and began to see my way back home to my heart.

My mantra became, "Slow down to go faster." (And I'm open to smoother transitions too.)

I recently heard a story about a woman who walked down a dark road and fell into a pothole.  She got stuck for hours until that moment of transition when she figured out how to climb her way out. The next week she walked down the same dark street and fell into the pothole.  This time she remembered how to climb out and she reached the surface in minutes. The next week she walked down the same dark street and this time she noticed the pothole before falling in and walked around it completely. A week later, she walked down a different street.

I absolutely believe everyone can find their way through the transition and walk down another street. I've witnessed circumstances that would make any human being drop to their knees. I repeatedly stand in awe at the courage, vulnerability, self-compassion and strength my clients find within themselves to navigate their way through the raging seas of transition. The resilience and learning they integrate prepares them for the next street with a pot hole.

Where there is pain, there will be strength.  Where there is sadness, there will be wisdom.  Where there is fear, there will be renewal.

When you get curious and ask why you're stuck, you open the door for new awareness. When you explore your fears that hold you back from living in a state of flow, when you stop resisting, lean in and (taking a deep breath) embrace the stuckness, you discover your path to higher consciousness and freedom.

Let me know if you would like someone to walk beside you. I have my walking stick ready to go.