Welcome 2017!

As the first day of 2017 winds down, I feel deep gratitude and excitement for all that is possible. 2016 sure included big work and a personal practice of surrendering over and over. A dear friend expressed it in these two words that describes the journey perfectly. "Fierce Grace."

I am grateful for this Fierce Grace and all the relational experiences that continue to guide me home to love and strengthen my trust in the organizing intelligence of life.

As many of you share your personal journeys both in words and non-verbal expressions, you show me we are on this journey together having individual experiences contributing to the whole collective process. THANK YOU for all your work!! I'm so incredibly grateful for you!

A conversation with my sister last week inspired me to write down my evolving practice over the last several years. I share it with you in humble gratitude for all the beautiful generous souls (there are SO MANY) that have shown up in my life and supported the creation of this practice.

Gratitude for this moment, moment by moment.
When feeling stuck, ask this question, "What would love do?"
Listen with an open heart.
Surrender my will to the will of the Divine.
BE the full expression of love in service to the well BEing for all.
Love this body that carries this expression around. 
Laugh, dance and play in community! 
Turn inward and soften when noticing and feeling the pain of separation. As my friend Brandy expresses, "PAIN is a call to Pay Attention Inside Now." 
Meditate each day.
Embrace my shadow with compassion.
FEEL the infinite love surrounding and supporting always...falling deeper and deeper into the Divine love that I am, that you are, that we all are.
See the Divine in all.

My prayer for 2017

Now, together, may we walk this journey of life in love, kindness, and joy moment by moment returning home to love and wholeness, radiating this infinite, unconditional Divine love to all beings everywhere. May all beings experience this love and inner peace.

I love you.