What Does the Mirror Have to Share with You?

I explore and play a lot with a core concept of unity consciousness that everything we think and feel is reflected back through our relational experiences. The relational experiences may be with people, with nature, with our bodies and one of my favorites ways…with horses. More about horses later. First, I'd like to share a story.

View looking north to San Francisco from the top of St. Joseph Hill

View looking north to San Francisco from the top of St. Joseph Hill

Sunday morning, the sun was out and the air was crisp and cool, offering ideal weather to be out in nature. I felt so alive in my body and ready to move so a friend and I hopped on our mountain bikes and started up a local mountain that offers an array of wild flowers in bloom and a beautiful expansive view of the Bay Area at the top. On clear days, views reach all the way up to San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mount Tamaulipas, North to Oakland, East to Mount Hamilton and Lick Observatory and South in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Often hawks float above surfing the wind and if clouds are around, they share a shape-shifting dance in the sky.

Not surprising that on this weekend morning lots of people were out walking their dogs and hiking the trail and my friend commented that often when he rides he will pass people on the trail and say hello and they don’t always respond with a “hello” back. I asked him why he thought that was so. He replied, “because they wear ear buds and don’t hear me.”  

Hmmmm, this got me curious to explore.

I wondered what would happen if we greeted everyone we passed with a smile and a “hello” while holding the thought and feeling, “I see you and appreciate your unique presence in the world.” My friend’s eye opened wide with playfulness and he said, “YES! Let’s see what happens.”

So as we approached a group of three, we focused our attention on seeing them and expressing a “hello” from our hearts without any attachment for a response. Each one responded with a big smile and “Good Morning!”

We didn’t just blast a “HELLO!!” at high volume to everyone. We first noticed the state of the other, and as we approached someone who appeared a bit more reserved and “inward” focused, our greeting was quieter.

As we continued to meet each person and group with our greeting, we noticed varying responses. Sometimes eyes would light up and big smiles would explode across faces and we would hear vivacious hellos and good mornings and sometimes it would be a twinkle in the eye or a quiet hello.

Every time, Every. Time. we received a greeting, both verbal and non-verbal, in response that felt like an opening of hearts connecting to see each other.

Our conversation on the ride home spotlighted the way the external world reflected our internal state of being and we noticed that through giving to others, we felt gratitude, alive and nourished.

What I continue to learn is there is no end to love, joy and gratitude when giving from a state of wholeness. However, when I attempt to give from a place of depletion or separation from my heart, the relational experience gives feedback that offers a redirection to explore the thoughts and feelings inside.

It’s a continual practice and takes courage to stay open and curious and not walk around with a closed heart. What helps me too is the awareness that we are all radiant beings connected through an invisible field sharing a human experience and that the feedback and information is just that, information to explore.

Infinite portals exist for exploration and one that I find both powerfully revealing and gently compassionate is stepping into a round pen with a horse. Why? The gentle way a horse provides feedback. Because they are a prey animal with a highly attuned nervous system, they sense and respond to the electromagnetic signature we broadcast and physically show through their movement what we what we are thinking and feeling. When they feel an incongruence in the relational field, it activates the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze) and their first response is flight.

An example of incongruence may look something like this. We separate from our heart the moment we believe a judgment like “I did something wrong” or “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this” and feel emotions like fear, worry or frustration, the horse senses this separation and will move away.

It can be challenging to find you when you’ve abandoned yourself. What I appreciate about the equus experience is the gentle way the horse provides this feedback. Through compassionate exploration, when you return and remember who you really are, the horse will quickly respond to this shift and move towards you.

What people often find after having an equus experience is that everyone becomes a horse. Our animal bodies sense and respond to what is broadcast in the relational field just like horses, we just have forgotten how to tune into this information. So, if you’re curious to see how you show up, lead and express yourself in your relationships and open your heart and remember who you really are, I invite you to join me for an upcoming equus experience.

And I’m curious to hear what you’re noticing. Please share in the comments below what your relational experiences are showing you.

With love and gratitude for your presence in the world.