What's your "IT" thing?

I’ve been wanting to post about my day on the track at Laguna Seca racetrack for two weeks now but I didn’t quite know what the point would be other than, “Man, that was AWESOME!!!”  Tons of value for me but for others, not so much.  Or is there?  I realized the simple point is this.  I invite you to identify at least one extraordinary thing in your life that brings you immense joy and plasters a smile on your face ear to ear when you think about IT and then find a way to DO IT!!! So, can you think of one activity or skill that when you’re doing IT you completely lose all sense of time and forget about all stress and responsibilities.  AND it makes your whole body respond in a way that tells you “this is IT, baby”?  Find it and make it happen.   For me, it’s driving my hubby’s Lotus Elise fast around a racetrack.  If I had asked myself this question two years ago, driving around a racetrack fast would not have even approached my radar so be totally open to the possibility that your IT thing may be a complete surprise to you too. (Here’s the story about how I got hooked on driving)  For fun I’ve included a link to an in-car video clip of me driving one lap around the track at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California.  Enjoy!  I sure did.  Lap around Laguna Seca

What's your IT thing?