The Winds of Wisdom

Last night, I was lying on the couch reading a book as my “ageless and all-ages” son Lane typed away at his computer and asked me to read something…..THIS something.

It’s funny to think about. When you are 11 years old, you are also 10 and 9 and 8 and 7 and 6 and 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 and 1. Just because you give yourself a present age doesn’t mean that’s your age. A part of you will still want to play with toys or play silly games. You have already had all those ages.

So think about it like this. You are in a singing competition and there are 10 stages. As soon as you get through 9 you have conquered those. You might not have to do those ever again but the experience you get, then benefit you later. Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don’t wait, because right now is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll be ever again.
— Lane Hunter

Wow, his wisdom works for all ages and I see this beautiful expression as the essence of the Integration of You program. He is so my son! We are all heart, one mind, one love.

This theme of living now and taking chances is showing up everywhere. What I hear from my clients over and over again lately is “I am ready to feel whole, free and live my life with joy.”

They humble me with their courage when exploring the depths of the subconscious and the patterns that create pain and suffering. They meet themselves with a curious eye and “I”, an open heart, and sense of wonder for what they learn through the journey of integration, turning suffering into wisdom.  

It takes bravery to see what wants to be seen, hear what wants to be heard and feel what wants to be felt, especially the parts that feel scary. It takes humility and a flexible mind to consider a different perspective. It takes vulnerability to open the heart and listen in stillness for the soul’s melody and harmony of life.

At times the journey feels intense and hard and there is no way around it so when we do the work in a safe space supported by community, compassion and grace, the energy moves with more ease and gets freed up for creativity and play. Through the journey of integration, what also surfaces is the awareness of innocence and self-compassion and a much kinder world. In these moments of exploration, pain transforms into freedom, suffering transforms into wisdom and separation unifies into wholeness.

I am so incredibly grateful for family and community who have supported and continue to support my personal integration journey laying the foundation and preparing me for the next steps in my journey. Now, in collaboration with amazing friends and powerful partners, we have co-created experiences to support the integration journey. You’ll find details and links for the upcoming retreat offerings on the homepage here and please reach out with any questions. 

We are in this together. I consider you my soul family and stand with you, seeing you, loving you and trusting your journey accessing all the answers within you and remembering who you truly are. I believe the path to a peaceful world begins within and let’s do this! The world is waiting for you to love yourself in your wholeness and radiate that love to all beings everywhere!

With infinite love and blessings of ease and joy,