Tune Into the Vibration of Emotion Through Music

As Ian and I settled into the car I turned to him and said, “Love, this is our adventure and we get to decide how this works. You just let me know what you need and I’m so happy to have you as my travel companion.” We had 400 solo miles ahead of us to get to Del Mar and my mind was filled with questions like, “How will this work with just me?” and “Can I do it?” Ian has autism and does not use verbal language…yet.  He is an exceptional communicator using all the other non-verbal channels especially the vibrational channel of energy.  He teaches me to tune into the language of vibration every day for which I am deeply grateful.

I started playing music as we drove and both of us got lost in the melodies.  Time seemed to pass effortlessly.

Then came Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2.  He’s one of my absolute favorite composers (from Russia) that shared his gift with the world in the early 1900’s.  (The YouTube clip below is from the first movement of this concerto)  Within the first few minutes came tears that transitioned into sobs.  Tears streamed as I released and allowed the emotions to move through me without resistance.

When I reached the point where it felt complete and the emotions had moved through, a gentle message surfaced with clarity.  The message?  “You have everything you need right here, right now.  In this moment, you have Love.”

A smiled broadened across my face and I glanced back to my angel who sat with his hands crossed, looking out the window with a look of complete peace on his face.

Yes, this is Love.

We passed the rest of our journey to Del Mar in a state of peace.  It was the easiest car ride I’d ever experienced.

Here he is moments after our arrival with his father and brother with the sunset and ocean in the backdrop.

Ian Del Mar

Do you use music to help calm the chaos at the end of the day or lift you up when you need a boost in energy?

With my two sisters, Nancy and Linda and teachers, June Davison and Dr. Leo Podolsky.  I'm on the right.

I’ve done so since a very young age.  As a child aged 6-17, I studied classical piano with a great master, Dr. Leo Podolsky from Russia who introduced me to some very powerful music.

At the time I had no idea how profound an affect the vibration of sound would have on my life and how it would lead me to where I am today, learning about the power of energy.  I’m inspired to share with you what has opened up my awareness to how we all communicate, through vibration.

Music has a gentle yet powerful way of accessing all kinds of emotions depending on the style, melody, and rhythm.  But you don’t necessarily think about any of this while you’re listening.  You just take in all the sounds and vibrations; receive them through your auditory sensory pathway and feel.

Music activates the right brain and quiets the constant chatter of your verbal mind.

When you get caught up in a stressful situation, or feel overwhelmed with a problem, music provides a break from the story your mind is telling and allows you to access your emotions and tap into your inner wisdom without any effort.

How do you feel after attending a really outstanding concert performance whether it is classical, rock, blues, or any other style that connects with your soul?  Are you aware of the physical sensations in your body while listening to the music?

Here's an exercise to help increase your awareness to the way emotions feel in your body.  I call it “The Vibration of Emotion through Music”

  1. Find a piece of music that you love. Here’s a YouTube video of one of my favorite pieces of music for you to try if you’d like.
  2. Settle into a quiet space and get comfortable.  You may want a piece of paper and something to write with handy to capture any words or phrases that come up throughout the process.
  3. Start the music with the intention to just listen to the vibration of sound. Finding a piece of music without lyrics for this may be helpful the first time around.
  4. Notice how the vibration feels in your body and where you feel it.  What are the physical sensations that you notice?  Where in your body do you feel the physical sensations?
  5. As you tune into the physical sensations, see if you can just flow with them, allowing any physical movement or sounds to move through your body.
  6. Now ask yourself “What emotion am I feeling?” There’s no right or wrong here, it’s just about noticing.
  7. Lastly, if you notice any phrases or ideas or words coming up, jot them down without filtering. Sometimes you’ll just get one word or you’ll get an entire thought.  You may even notice that the solution to the problem you were lamenting pops into your mind without any effort or your brilliant idea that was just out of reach becomes crystal clear.  This is what happens when you quiet the chatter of the left-brain and give the right brain the space to be heard.

Every emotion has a vibrational frequency.

As you become more and more emotion-aware, you’ll begin to see how that vibration radiates outwardly to everyone around.  When you’re in a state of love, others will want to connect with you because it feels good to be around you.  When you’re in a state of fear, others will feel less motivated to connect.  This plays out in every interaction you have.  I invite you to start noticing how people in your life respond to you when you’re feeling really good versus feeling scared and stressed.

I’d love to hear your feedback.  Please share you comments and let me know what you experience.

What's your Vision?

I believe in vision boards 1000%! A vision board is a place where you express what's alive in you.  It provides a physical representation of your dreams.  When you create a vision board and focus your intention and attention on the feeling state of your board, you become your own deliberate creator, the leader of your experience. For a brilliant explanation of vision boards, check out Martha Beck's article in O Magazine. Vision BoardLast October I created this vision board.  At the center you'll see a map of Africa with a plane pointed directly at South Africa. Two years ago I felt the first pull to go connect with the animals and I dreamed of watching them in their natural setting.

The destination - Londolozi.

The Varty family runs the Londolozi game reserve.  They have restored the natural habitat for the animals and created an oasis of paradise both for the animals and the human guests.  Because of the gentle way the trackers and guides introduce the animals to the vehicles, many of the animals allow the vehicles to come right up next to them for spectacular sightings.  If you've dreamed of visiting the South African bush, check out Londolozi and their blog.

June 2011, eight months after the creation of my vision board, I found myself on a plane about to embark on a powerful awakening experience.

When I made this board I didn't have the faintest clue how I would manage to travel half way around the world, about as far away from home as possible, and leave my husband and two young children home.  The two big challenges were how would I fund the trip and who would help care for my children while my husband worked during the day?It didn't matter that I didn't know the how.  I trusted the path would reveal itself.

What provided the magic juice was a clarity of intention and focused attention while making the vision board then letting go of attachment to the outcome! But wait, wasn't the outcome to go to South Africa?  Yes.  But the real power lay in not caring whether it happened or not.  Wha-wha-wha-what?

Sounds like a contradiction doesn't it?

Bottom line is it comes down to energy. Everything we do has an energetic quality to it and when you really, really, REALLY want something to happen you tend to communicate a graspy, needy energy.

Ever feel that one?  I have.  Like when I really, really wanted a boy in high school to like me.  Guess what?  He wanted nothing to do with me.  He wanted to hang out with the girl that paid him no mind. Hmmmm, interesting.

When you focus on the outcome and get graspy and needy, this feeling state expands outward to everything around you. How do you feel when you're around someone expressing needy behaviors? Do you want to get closer or move away?  My hunch is move away. It doesn't feel good.  The same concept applies to outcomes. Whatever it is you desire, when you focus intensely on the outcome, it runs away.  But when you shift your focus to the feeling state of what you'll feel when you do have it, ah, then you're on to something.

When you really want something try this.

  1. See if you can identify the feelings you will feel when you have what you desire.  For example safety or happiness or a feeling of peace.
  2. Then see if you can find some examples in your life where you feel that way now.

When you realize you already have what you need to reach a desired feeling state, your energy shifts to a more relaxed way of being. You may have a desire for something but now without the attachment to whether your get it or not because you don't need it to happen in order to feel a certain way.  You're already there.

For my vision board, I imagined what it would feel like if I were in South Africa.  The feeling states I focused on were powerful, loving and free.

When I took a moment to gaze at my vision board and sink into those feeling states, my clear vision and focused intention led the process.

After making the vision board, it ended up tucked it away on my office and ended up falling behind my desk.  It wasn't until April that I found it - when I was just getting ready to purchase my airlines tickets!  I didn't focus on it daily.  What I did was set a clear, focused intention while creating the vision board then let go and released attachment to the how it would happen.

As the months passed, each step revealed itself one after the other.

I followed the steps without analysis.  I followed actions where I felt inspired and alive, where I felt those feeling states of power, love and freedom.  I embraced an attitude of curiosity, playfulness and excitement to see where the path would lead.

As I type this, I'm amazed at how it worked.  I used effort but not force. The effort came with a sense of ease as though it was completely natural to take that next step.  Almost as though it had already happened and I just needed to show up.

I had no idea what revelations and gifts lay ahead as I boarded the plane in San Francisco that afternoon in June and that was perfectly okay by me. I didn't want any preconceived expectations to interfere with being completely present to take in all the lessons the experience had to offer. And wow did it deliver!

What's your big vision?  Have you created a vision board?  If not, don't take my word for it.  Test it out for yourself and see what happens.  I'd love to hear.  Who knows, you may find yourself living out a lifelong dream!  If you have created one, I would love to hear about your vision and experience leading your life.  Please share your comments on the blog.

The Process of Waking Up

Healing teethWhat does dental work under anesthesia and awakening to your truth in life have in common? My son showed me last week just how much. Last Tuesday morning at 9:15am I held Ian in my arms as the anesthesiologist put the mask over his mouth.  The gas knocked him out in seconds.  BAM he was OUT!  The dentist then went fast to work to deep clean and fill four cavities that had been causing pain.  Ian was grinding his teeth non-stop for a week.  The whole procedure took 90 minutes.  Ian never felt a thing because his body was drunk on medication to block out all conscious awareness.

What’s Your Drug of Choice?

How many times have you gone for your “drug” of choice (food, drink, TV, Internet, Facebook, sleep, etc) to numb out and disconnect from what’s causing you pain and suffering?  Show compassion for that part of you that needs relief from the pain in that moment.

The doctor warned my husband and me that Ian’s reentry to consciousness might be uncomfortable for him.  As soon as the doctor felt Ian was breathing safely on his own, he picked him up and placed him in my lap.  With each breath Ian became more and more awake.  He wasn’t very pleased with what that felt like.  All my attempts to sooth him failed.  Time and patience were required for the gas to leave his body completely.

Time to Wake Up

Once you start to wake up to your truth and what’s alive in you there’s no going around it and no going under it.  It’s the time to go through it.  Others may try to help, but in reality, no one else can do it for you.  Only you know the way by trusting your body.  It never lies.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and awkward and feels strange, but on the other side awaits peace and love.  So you move forward one step at a time.

The doctor sent us on our way when all vital signs reached a point he deemed safe.  I guided Ian’s unsteady body to the car and we headed home.  Within ten minutes Ian fell asleep and remained asleep for the next hour.

I woke him to go inside where he promptly fell into a deep sleep for SIX MORE HOURS! In the last hour I sat across the room watching him breath deeply and peacefully.  His body was releasing and cleaning out the chemicals with every breath.  His body knew exactly what to do – rest.

A Time to Rest and a Time to Play

Rest plays an essential role when you release and drop painful stories that are filled with conditional love.  Rest supports the building of new neural pathways.  When your mind goes through a deep exhale to release stressful, painful thoughts listen when you body asks to rest.  It knows exactly how much you need. Apparently, Ian’s body needed six.

Then, at 6:15pm Ian woke up.   He looked over at me with a twinkle in his eyes.  He sat up, stretched, smiled and walked straight to me.  My arms reached out to invite a hug and he welcomed a big one.  He wanted to play and for the next hour, that we did with joy and abandon.

What a great way to wake up to the world, cleared of the chemicals, rested and ready to play.

He showed me just how important it is to listen when the body says to rest and have compassion for myself when my mind is in a state of deep letting go whether it be from toxins in my body or toxins in the form of thought.

When was the last time you listened when your body asked to rest? If you’re in a stage of transition, check in with your body and see what happens if you allow yourself the time it wants for rest.  You just may wake to find all kinds of wonderfulness on the other side and feel renewed and ready for play.

For a little fun, here's a link for a video on YouTube of a little boy who just finished some dental work David After Dentist.

Click here if you'd like to comment on the blog.  I'd love to hear from you.

Healing From Within, The Mind-Body Connection

Clients often ask me about my own journey with mind-body healing and whether I still experience pain.  So when Mind-Body Coach Abigail Steidley invited me to write a guest post on The Healthy Life Coach site, I wrote a post titled, Healing From Within, My Path To Freedom where I share my personal story of discovering the power of mind-body healing. Many of my clients experience varying levels of pain ranging from overwhelming fear and anxiety to chronic pelvic pain.  Through their own work and exploration, they gain an awareness and understanding to access the wisdom of their bodies.  With this awareness comes freedom.

Here's the bottom line.  Your truth lives within you waiting for discovery. No one else has the answer for what is right or wrong for you, only you know your own truth and your body is there to guide you every step of the way.  When you reconnect with the wisdom of your body, you find your truth.  And you'll know it because truth feels like freedom.

I now live my life in a state of awareness and I'm constantly asking my body for my answers.  I'm a living example of how powerful the mind-body connection can be and I love to help others step into their power and lead their life from a place of peace.

To read the full post, please CLICK HERE.

With love and healing,

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