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Hello and Welcome

It is my vision that you experience the infinite love that supports you always and that you embrace your wholeness with love and compassion.

As your coach and guide, I will walk with you as you tune into your innate wisdom, align with your brilliance and integrate all aspects of your being. If you are ready to open your heart and mind to create more joy, freedom and ease in your life, I invite you on a journey of discovery, wonder and awe.

Love unifies and I believe in your wholeness.

You matter and you belong.

I trust you have all that you need to access your inner divine wisdom.

My "Why"

In a world of opposites like “right” and “wrong,” “good” and “bad”, “us” and “them”, the mind gets caught in a story of fragmentation and separation. This illusion of brokenness creates disharmony in the human expression and blocks creative energy and the flow of love and makes it very challenging to see who you truly are.

When operating in this mindset, you may feel stuck, small and isolated and attempt to hide the parts of yourself that bring a sense of shame. Ultimately, you end up hurting yourself and cycle in a pattern of suffering believing that you've done something wrong or feeling there is something wrong with you. This could not be further from the truth.

You are not broken and your light shines through.

The journey of embracing your wholeness involves exploring thoughts that scare you in a safe space, freeing stored-up energy and expressing your creative and limitless power. You bring an essential unique expression to this world. I created my offerings to provide access points to awaken to your essence - to remember how powerful and magnificent you are, and to live a life of boundless freedom, ease and joy.

My "Yes"

I am honored and humbled by the journey to wholeness, full of both shadow and light, and it is my daily practice to love and embrace all expressions equally, understanding that this is part of the growth and expansion of all beings.

I get completely lit up by clients who show up ready to explore their integration process with curiosity and vulnerability. I love witnessing my clients break through resistance and unleash their creative energy and power. When a fellow human being opens to see who they truly are….WOW, what a beautiful sacred union of mind-body-heart-spirit.

I believe that at the core of your being and all beings is love. Many of us have simply forgotten this truth. This is a journey of remembering. In working together, you will be guided to remember what it feels like to lead your life with an open heart and a sense of freedom. I trust in the intelligence within each and every one of us, and I will walk beside you on your journey home to love.

My "How"

My path is graced with amazing people who teach me to open my heart and mind. One of whom is my oldest son, Ian. 

Before he arrived, I lived with little awareness how my thoughts and emotions shaped my world. At the age of two and a half, he was diagnosed with autism. Hearing the doctor utter those words felt devastating. What I did not know is that his “diagnosis” would inspire a broader awareness and understanding and invite me into a world filled with wonder, awe and freedom. 

Ian teaches me that there is nothing wrong - with him, with me, with any of us, and that his “diagnosis” of autism does not define him. I now see him as a brilliant being with an expression of pure presence. Ian provides a continuous reflection and teaches me to listen in stillness. His natural mirroring of my emotional state is what first showed me that we all shape and influence our environment with our state of being. I needed to slow down to understand how the mind, body, heart and soul works together and to see the patterns that get programmed in the mind through relational experiences. 

He woke me up to my path of exploration...to truth...to love...to freedom.

The Resume Builders

The initial steps on my path were both right and left-brain focused. I studied classical piano for nine years cultivating the right-brain. In college, I received a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal Poly, SLO then worked in the high tech industry for over a decade. My technical education provided me the opportunity to travel the world and live in Sydney for four years. My experience in the field for those years has beautifully informed my approach to coaching. While I used to write and debug software programs for computers, I now "write and debug software" as thoughts for the brain. My favorite part is debugging the cultural and social programs and writing new code of awareness.

I am deeply grateful for the presence of many extraordinary teachers in my life.

I trained as a Master Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck, a Master Equus Coach and Facilitator with Koelle Simpson and Mind-Body Coach with Abigail Steidley. Other extraordinary teachers include Dr. Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, and Dr. Svetlana Masgutova providing a foundational understanding of mind-body-heart-spirit integration, neuroscience and the unified field. 

If you feel inspired to work with me, you will find descriptions of all my offerings under the Offerings For You tab above and please reach out to connect anytime.

Love, Diane