Coaching Testimonials

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I’ll just say it: Diane Hunter is one of my favorite coaches. As the mother of a child with autism, Diane has walked the path from suffering and frustration to joy and illumination. I watched her transform herself and her relationship with her son, and I’ve watched her transform clients in the same way. Her deeply empathic, keenly intelligent, supremely practical methods are truly miracle workers. I recommend her to anyone who struggles with difficult relationships, especially those who have children with special needs. She’s a gem.
— Martha Beck, “O” Magazine columnist, life coach and best seller author of “Finding Your Own North Star”, “Steering By Starlight” and “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”
Diane has managed to turn a life filled with unique and dynamic challenges into a cherished foundation for helping others to lead more successful lives. Her clear, warm hearted, wise, and incredibly humble personality puts everyone around her at ease. She is one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with her as an equus coach.
— Koelle Simpson, Life Coach, Horse Whisperer and Equus Coach Mentor
You were WONDERFUL with our beautiful doctor goddesses this weekend. Thank you SO MUCH for being who you are and doing what you do.
— Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself
“I’ll admit I was a bit of a skeptic — spend an hour, with a horse, in a ring? But Diane’s passion was captivating, so I tried it. Between Diane’s skillful yet tender coaching, and the horse’s mirror-to-my-face response, I suddenly had a clear sense of how I ‘show up’ with the humans in my life. I think of my time in the round pen as one of those truly rare, transformative, aha, lightbulb moments in my life. And continual work with Diane has brought me to a much clearer sense of my self, my interactions with others, my talents, and my place in the world.”
— Julie Lythcott-Haims, JD, Best-Selling Author of "How to Raise An Adult" and Former Stanford University Dean, Writer, Life Advisor
Diane’s energy, compassion, and wisdom are priceless – her honesty with her own experience and her intuition about what is at the root of a problem is uncanny! Working with Diane made it possible for me to get to the underlying issue that needed to be addressed in my life. I highly recommend working with Diane, when you are ready to make the changes that you most need to make.
— Nona Jordan, Business owner and mother
I dreaded teaching my 5th period class. They were disruptive and inattentive. Diane helped me see the issue was not my students rather it was my own boredom with my teaching techniques. If I was bored how could I expect them to be motivated? By changing my thoughts about the students and myself I discovered I have all the power to transform the classroom dynamic. Diane taught me how to be aware of the non-verbal feedback my student’s provided and I now have the tools to evaluate what works and inspires them and what ideas need shelving or adjustments. I no longer view my students as a group of problems but as gages to my own enthusiasm for the subject. Thank you, Diane for helping me see a new perspective that has empowered me to teach with more energy and joy.
— Karen Hillis, High School Math Teacher and parent
Diane did a phenomenal job teaching me to pay attention and understand my body compass. The concept was completely foreign to me before talking to Diane. The really great thing is that she was able to demonstrate and train me on how to listen to my body in two brief sessions. As a mother of 3 with a full time job, I really appreciated how she worked efficiently to help me enhance my daily life. My body has a lot to say! I’m so glad I’m listening to not just the big stuff but the little messages I’m physically sending to myself. It positively impacts how I interact with my children in those harried evenings hours between activities, homework, dinner and such. It has also confirmed that I really do enjoy my job! The bubbly energy is always present at varying degrees while I’m at work and, I’m sure, would be sorely missed if I were to walk away from the high demands of the job. This is all good information to know and understand as I continue my quest to live my life to the fullest. I can’t wait to learn more about myself with the help of Diane!
— Krista Jones, Mother of three and Sales Executive
I recently experienced a major life change, everything I knew and was comfortable with changed. Basically, my life had been turned “upside-down.” After talking with Diane I realized that my life was not in fact in shambles but had been turned in a new and exciting direction. She helped me to realize that change is not undesirable but a catalyst for new and thrilling opportunities. Diane is filled with wisdom and experience that she portrays elegantly with grace and eloquence. Her advice and input has helped me to be open to the amazing things that life has to offer when you release control and open yourself to opportunities you never thought existed.
— Genevieve Kaplan, Graduate Student studying Marriage and Family Therapy at Santa Clara University, CA
Diane is so helpful and caring. You can truly tell she loves what she does, and because of that, she is good at what she does. There is so much truth to the things that she teaches — the things that I chose to implement have truly helped me for the better. I recommend this telecourse for anyone who may be feeling stuck, confused, or discontent in their life.
— Stephanie
I’m a small business owner, wife, and mother of 2 children under 8 years. I’m currently retraining with the goal to open a new and completely different business. Throughout this transitional time, Diane has been a constant, grounded and inspirational hand along the way. She listens with wisdom, care, and support while guiding me to find my absolute best self. Her intuition and energy-savvy way to find the truth behind my thoughts and words is mind-expanding and her approach is always warm and loving, providing a safe sand pit to build my new life structure. Diane is an absolute pleasure to work with and if you’re ready to meet your best self and feel free in your world then hire Diane – she’s phenomenal!
— Helen Samson-Mullen, Ph.D., business owner and parent
I was in a wooden cart careening down a steep hill heading towards a cliff and Diane called out the instructions on how I could apply some brakes. In the first coaching session with Diane, I was experiencing intense anxiety, fear, anger and sadness regarding a very important family relationship and I was even directing a lot of negative energy towards an old friend. In the very first session, she helped me understand how to feel my body compass and to know that I can only control my thoughts and actions. I was able to save and chanel my own energy towards implementing a new and improved style of communication with my family. Diane is one in a million. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life.
— Julie, California
As I have traveled along my journey, Diane Hunter has opened my world to so, so much. She has taught me about nonverbal communication, energy, feelings, leadership, boundaries, and so much more. Diane’s Strengthen Your Foundation Tele-course has helped me take such knowledge even further. Diane is Love. Diane is Peace. She has helped to teach me the ways to connect with the Love that is Me. Thank You!
— Joanne S. Nelson, Ed.S., NCSP, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Life Coach (MBI), Learning Specialist, & Behavior Consultant
Diane has a lovely calm and soothing teaching style and just listening to the sound of her voice feels relaxing and warm. I loved the variety of tools that provide different ways to ground mind, body, heart and soul along with Diane’s encouragement to try them out and pick what works for me. My favorite is a heart tool that opens up compassion and love for myself. It’s helping me to strengthen that connection to myself that makes me feel so much more centered in everyday living.
— Maryna Smuts
Your joy and spontaneity made each class an adventure and your intuition made each class feel like it was created just for me. These are tools that I will use forever and teach to my own clients. And your handouts helped deeply ground the information for me.
— Devin Graham
Intelligent, articulate and perceptive are the first words that come to mind when I think of Diane. She helped me to question my limiting beliefs, focus on the problem at hand and actively work toward resolving it. Her coaching leads to effective results a she brings her exceptional coaching skills and commitment to the process of helping you find your own answers.
— Judi Schorr, Calgary, Canada
Before I met Diane, I knew that I needed to change the way I’d been thinking about my anxiety and depression. While my past therapists helped me identify my negative thoughts and memories, Diane helped me address the root of my anxiety and I realized I have power over the way I think. Diane provides many meditations and daily practices that are extremely effective, but most importantly, she provides a loving and understanding space.  With Diane, I never felt judged or pushed to do anything I did not want to do.  She helped me by teaching me how to help myself.
— Madeleine
It is amazing that a simple change in language accompanied by full acknowledgement of having a choice can make such a major difference in one’s attitude about a situation. This is exactly what happened during my very first coaching session with Diane Hunter. As she was guiding me through some thinking exercises and discussing how the feelings flowed or changed, I understood in an instant how I trapped myself with language and how that language affected my thoughts and feelings. The tools presented to foster change are straightforward and easy to remember. Already I feel that I am more satisfied with the progress made on projects that are most important to me. It is with great anticipation that I wait for future sessions with Diane. She is enthusiastic about sharing the set of techniques and tools that she has already put into practice. I love that I can gain from her experience as I learn them myself!
— Gay Hunter, Museum Curator, Olympic National Park
I just wanted to mention again how much I love and learn from your personal stories. The conflicts you mention are so illustrative of our daily lives. The way you think through the problems and the techniques you use to do this and to arrive at a solution are wonderful gifts to me. They are vivid examples that I am able to use immediately and to generalize to similar events. Your sharing makes the techniques listed on the page come alive.
— La Donna Ford, Mother (Telecourse participant)