Equus Coaching For Leadership

Leadership Extends Beyond Verbal Language

Research by Professor Albert Mehrabian at UCLA discovered that when we communicate, about 7% of the meaning is through verbal language. The rest is through nonverbal communication including gestures, facial expression, tone of voice and energy.

Interacting with horses provides a non-verbal relational team experience that deepens the awareness of how much we communicate beyond words. Facilitation by coaches supports the development of authentic, transparent conversations from a place of integrity and compassion. This unique experience in a beautiful natural setting, away from the distractions of everyday pressures, awakens the innate leadership within and cultivates team unity.

Add Horses to Accelerate Your Team’s Leadership Power

Diane Hunter, Master Equus Facilitator and Mind-Body Coach, offers a unique leadership training program for corporate and executive management teams. She partners with horses to create an experience for teams that integrates intelligence, emotion and intuition in their leadership roles.

What Makes a Great Leader?

A great leader in our ever changing world utilizes his or her intuitive power an understands how nonverbal communication influences all interactions and creates results without compromising trust in relationships and physical health.

Experiential Learning Provides Fast Results

Listening to a 1000 pounds of instant feedback from a horse offers a unique visceral experience you will remember and provides a point of reference when implementing your new awareness and strategies in work relationships. This learning process is particularly helpful for individuals and teams who want to lead with agility and creativity in challenging environments.

The experiential learning environment opens up awareness and understanding of true leadership. Because horses are extremely sensitive to all the nonverbal cues being expressed, when you interact with a horse, he will show you exactly how you lead and what you communicate beyond words.

Momentum Starts with Emotion

Horses pick up on your emotion, or state of being, and will detect if you’re leading from a state of fear or state of ease. If you attempt to lead from a place of fear, control or bribery they will move away from you and when you lead from a place of ease, clarity and heart, you become magnetic and they will join you.

The energy that makes a 1000 pound horse connect with you and willingly choose you as the leader is the same energy that causes people to invest in your brilliant ideas and follow your lead on a team. Combine this unique understanding of nonverbal communication with savvy business skills and you have a powerful leadership signature.

How Does This Apply To You and Your Business?

The skills learned during this hands-on experience will help you and your team develop an authentic connection with one another and empower each team member to contribute as a compassionate and aware leader. The horses will give you instant and honest feedback so you can make profound changes in as little as a day!

See what your nonverbal communication is really saying and learn to communicate exactly what you intend. If you are open to a 100% honest evaluation of your leadership style from the horses, you will learn more about yourself as a communicator and leader in one day than in any classroom.

Rediscover the skills within you. Unleash your true ability to lead from your inner wisdom.

Workshop Details

Participants will be on foot and safely guided through insightful, interactive activities with horses. All levels of horsemanship are welcome and none of the activities involve riding.

For teams wanting a hands-on experience, group sizes are kept small to ensure plenty of focus on team dynamics and communication.

Join Equus Coach Diane Hunter and several perceptive four-legged teachers for an unforgettable learning experience. You will activate the clear, compassionate, powerful leader within.