The Integration of You Three-Month Journey to Wholeness

Integrate: to make whole by bringing all parts unify.

You hold the roadmap to the truth of your soul. Whether you are brand new to exploring your personal integration or deep into your journey, there may be times when spotlights from a guide brings it all together for you. 

Embark on a three-month trek inward. Discover the patterns showing up in your world. Gain the tools to move forward with clarity and ease. Recognize and access your unique and creative power. Say yes to wholeness.

This program supports your journey with tools, strategies and exercises provided to integrate your new awareness and discoveries. Each session builds upon previous sessions to create a solid model of understanding.

As your guide, I will listen, ask questions and shine the light as you track your inner footsteps, transmute the tangled patterns that limit your success, discover your exquisite essence and find your way home to your truth.

Diane Hunter is one of my favorite coaches. Her deeply empathic, keenly intelligent, supremely practical methods are truly miracle workers. I recommend her to anyone who struggles with difficult relationships, especially those who have children with special needs. She’s a gem.
— Martha Beck, “O” Magazine columnist, life coach and best seller author of “Finding Your Own North Star”, “Steering By Starlight” and “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”

Your three-month journey includes:
·      Thirteen 55-minute calls. 
·      Full day in-person deep-dive coaching that includes a 3-hour private equus session in Los Gatos, CA.
·      Documents with all the Integration of You materials. 
You will be given the tools and strategies to
·      Transmute old, legacy patterns that have kept you from expressing your wholeness.
·      Develop a solid trust in your ability to listen to your inner wisdom.
·      Gain access to new consciousness that will fire up your creative power.
·      Clarify your passions and develop a heart-centered roadmap for your life that aligns with your deepest values.
·      Make powerful decisions and choices in harmony with your values.
·      Structure a practice to embrace all parts of yourself with acceptance, love and compassion.
·      Awaken to the abundance of love that surrounds and supports you.
·      Live intentionally with ease, grace and joy.

You contain the answers and the questions. It is all within you. Your journey home to love begins with the step in front of you. 

A Client Comment

I wanted to let you know how inspirational, valuable, and wonderful working with you was. Doing the work with you was a little like being lost in the Amazon and someone comes along and gives you not a map, not a path out, but a heavily-loaded tool belt with bug spray and flashlights and a compass— you are still in the Amazon but you have what you need to get yourself out or maybe not to get out after all but to go exploring. Plus it’s also really wonderful to talk with someone who has been working on this stuff themselves and is like a model of how things might be in the future other than what I see among my immediate family members and friends. I think the whole experience was really profound and also subtle so it’s not quite translatable into English but thank you!!! Signing up for Integration of You Program was one of the very best things I’ve ever done and although at the time felt very experimental and maybe even strange now looks like the best gift to myself that I could have made!
— B. Arthur

Each Step Is Sacred

Program Landscape

Module 1

Prepping For the Trek: A foundational model of understanding on how to navigate your journey.

Week 1:  Understanding Your Brain: relationship to your internal mental landscape
Week 2: The importance of Self-compassion: cultivating your resiliency tool belt
Week 3: Understanding Your Inner GPS; learning you are more than your automatic programming
Week 4: Reprogramming the GPS: plugging in the coordinates with creator mentality

Module 2 

Trek Through the Terrain: A Deep exploration & developing a practice

Week 5:  Trekking Into The Forest: walking through the darker, hidden parts of your path, uncovering what scares you, irritates you, and inhibits your full expression
Week 6:  Traversing the Swamps of Fear, Guilt and Shame
Week 7:  Turning on the Headlamp: shine the light of love and compassion in the darkness

Module 3

You Are Your Best Guide: Each step informs your life

Week 8:  Your Power in Presence: connect with your divine nature
Week 9:  Listen to Nature’s Symphony: open your heart, tune in and listen to the feedback beyond words
Week 10: Trust Your Inner Wisdom to Guide You: strengthen your inner circle and walk your own path
Week 11:  Full day in-person deep-dive coaching that includes a 3-hour private equus session in Los Gatos, CA

Module 4

The Summit View: 360 degrees of possibility and create from an integrated you

Week 12:  Integration support for your equus experience
Week 13:  Design Your Next Journey: you are the artist, strengthen your relationship with your creative power
Week 14:  Soul Tracking: Let your soul be your guide, paint the landscape and explore what you wish to create for your life.

Ready To Get Started?

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Investment:  $3,350 for full payment or $1,700 for two-payment option with second payment due one month into your journey.

To begin your three-month journey, please complete the form below. On this first step on our journey together, you are encouraged to be as vulnerable and courageous in your answers as feels comfortable to you. There are no rules. Once I receive your answers, I will contact you to schedule a phone call to get started and you will receive a more in-depth questionnaire when we take the next step. If you have questions about the program, please schedule a free phone consult.

Diane has been a constant, grounded and inspirational hand along the way. Her intuition and energy-savvy way to find the truth behind my thoughts and words is mind-expanding and her approach is always warm and loving, providing a safe sand pit to build my new life structure. Diane is an absolute pleasure to work with and if you’re ready to meet your best self and feel free in your world then hire Diane – she’s phenomenal!
— Helen Samson-Mullen, Ph.D., business owner and parent
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