Two-Day Personal Retreat: You Hold the Roadmap to Your Soul 

During your personal retreat, you will explore and track your inner footsteps.

A personal retreat may be for you if:

You’re going through a transition in life and feel stuck.
You’re ready to explore the shadows and shine the light in the darkness.
You’re ready to embrace all aspects of you
You’re ready to invite more ease, grace and joy into your life.
You’re ready to connect with the divine creator within and create a new future.
You’re ready to open your heart to receive the abundance that surrounds you.

Together we will design a custom experience that you desire that may include:

  • The Power of Equus Coaching
  • Mind-Body tools and concepts
  • Meditation to balance your energy centers
  • Time in nature to plug into the universal energy of all living beings.
  • Intensive coaching on the areas where you feel stuck.
  • Two follow-up phone coaching sessions to support your integration.
  • Dinner in a local restaurant is included with the two-day retreat option.

One or two day personal retreats are scheduled in the Bay Area or I can also travel to you.  

Say yes to your wholeness, freedom and joy.

Diane’s passion was captivating, so I tried it. I think of my time in the round pen as one of those truly rare, transformative, aha, lightbulb moments in my life. And continual work with Diane has brought me to a much clearer sense of my self, my interactions with others, my talents, and my place in the world.
— Julie Lythcott-Haims, JD, Best-Selling Author of "How to Raise An Adult" and Former Stanford University Dean, Writer, Life Advisor

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