Corporate Equus Leadership Experience

The equus experience was great for getting my team to work together better. It gave everyone a way to think about their behavior and tendencies in a safe way. It really shines a light on our strengths and weaknesses. Plus, it is a lot of fun! I got rave reviews from me team. Diane is a fantastic facilitator.
— Steve Cousins, President and CEO, Willow Garage

Option 1: “Impressions” 90-minute Demonstration 

Are you ready for a complete shift in your understanding of communication? Attendees will witness the development of trust and leadership in real time and learn how this relational experience transfers to human relationships in the workplace. A few participants will be invited to join in and try out their horse whispering skills. 


Option 2: “Wake Up Your Awareness” Half Day Experience

The half day experience is structured to wake up your team's awareness and understanding of how nonverbal communication is received and interpreted by others. Each team member will interact directly with a horse in a safe, supportive, playful environment and receive feedback from horse and coach. This unique eye-opening experience will provide a clear picture of strengths and areas for growth in communication and leadership. Your team will receive strategies and support to create a practice to integrate this new awareness in the work environment.


Option 3: “Create a Shift” Full Day Experience

During a full day workshop, participants will experience interactive learning exercises with horses to repattern and practice new leadership and communication skills. Teams will also experience group exercises with a horse to practice communicating as a cohesive, strategic team. This full day provides a safe, productive and playful experience packed with powerful tools that can be applied in every aspect of communication. 


Option 4: “Cultivate a Team Integrating Mind and Heart ” Custom Made Multi-Day Experience

Multi-day workshops range from 2-4 days and provide the opportunity to design a customized program to address the specific leadership, trust and communication needs for your team. This option provides a great, flexible way for the team to experience deep practice and integration in a compact time frame. The result is accelerated and lasting change of leadership and communication skills.