48-Hour Negativity Detox Retreat + Equus Day

My wonderful friend and author of “The Ego’s Code”, Clayton Ainger and I invite you to join us for a very special weekend event, “48-Hour Negativity Detox” hosted in the sacred setting of 'Spirit House' in Woodside California. We first met in April 2015 and experienced an immediate meeting of heart, mind and soul and we are delighted to collaborate to offer you this unique event.

Link to listen to the recorded info call with Clayton on May 31st.


When is this happening?

Friday June 24th - Sunday June 26th Woodside, CA

Equus option Friday June 24th at a nearby equine facility.

Some highlights of what the 48-Hour Negativity Detox Offers You

  • Your Ego’s Code: Its true purpose and how to decipher it, integrate it and think with your heart

  • Awareness of when you are living in your flow and when you are out of sync, and learn how to return to flow anytime

  • The Science: What’s going on inside your body and mind

  • How to stop sabotaging your success

  • The truth behind your negativity and its many forms and expressions

  • Learn how to go safely into your resistance and turn your past into wisdom

  • How to heal  multidimensional trauma and recover and restore hidden or lost energy


During the 48-Hour Negativity Detox, Clayton will also guide you through a series of simple yet,

powerful exercises and meditations to help release negativity, change your reality, integrate your ego and think from your heart.



The Equus Experience

The optional equus experience on Friday will provide you with an even more powerful foundation for the 48-Hour Negativity Detox.

Click here to learn what the equus experience offers you.


What is the price for this event?  

$660 per person to attend BOTH the 48-Hour Negativity Detox and Equus

$511 per person to attend the 48-Hour Negativity Detox Only



If you have any questions about the workshop please contact Clayton or me by email at clayton@claytonjohnainger.com and diane@dianehunter.net  

In our absence, Clayton’s assistant Andrea will be very happy to help. Andrea can be contacted by email at andrea@claytonjohnainger.com

To learn more about Clayton and his work, click www.claytonjohnainger.com

To learn more about Diane and her work, please click www.dianehunter.net